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2022-2023 District Calendar






The Cobre Consolidated School District strives for continuous progress towards the highest standards of achievement, school safety, student programs, facilities, technology and pride in our schools in order to inspire our students to lifelong success.



Cobre High School takes pride in being a culturally diverse population located in a rural mining district.  Our team of students and staff in partnership with the parents and community challenges each student to reach for excellence in academics, physical well being, individual talents, self esteem and respect for others.


Cobre High School

School Song











Cobre High School does not discriminate against any student based on race, color, religion, age (Age Discrimination Act of 1975), sex, handicap, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts (Boys Scouts of America Equal Access Act) and other designated youth groups.  The school and the school district promote the principle of equal educational opportunities for ALL students. All vocational (career-technical) education course offerings, materials, and activities are free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.






     A LUNCH SCHEDULE                                              B LUNCH SCHEDULE                

7:57                 START UP BELL                                   7:57                 START UP BELL


8:00 – 8:58      FIRST PERIOD                                  8:00 – 8:58      FIRST PERIOD         
8:58 – 9:02       PASSING PERIOD                              8:58 – 9:02       PASSING PERIOD   

8:58 – 9:14      A BREAKFAST                                   9:02 – 10:00    SECOND PERIOD

9:14 – 9:18       PASSING PERIOD                           10:00 – 10:04   PASSING PERIOD  

9:18 – 10:16    SECOND PERIOD                              10:00 – 10:16   B BREAKFAST   
10:16 – 10:20   PASSING PERIOD                             10:16 – 10:20   PASSING PERIOD

10:20 – 11:18   THIRD PERIOD                                 10:20 – 11:18   THIRD PERIOD

11:18 – 11:22   PASSING PERIOD                        11:18 – 11:22   PASSING PERIOD      

11:22 – 12:20   FOURTH PERIOD                             11:22 – 12:20   FOURTH PERIOD

12:20 – 12:24   PASSING PERIOD                           12:20 – 12:24   PASSING PERIOD  

12:24 – 12:54   A LUNCH                                            12:24 – 1:22    FIFTH PERIOD

12:54 – 12:58  PASSING PERIOD                               1:22 – 1:26      PASSING PERIOD

12:58 – 1:56    FIFTH PERIOD                                1:26 – 1:56      B LUNCH

1:56 – 2:00       PASSING PERIOD                               1:56 – 2:00      PASSING PERIOD

2:00 – 2:58      SIXTH PERIOD                                  2:00 – 2:58      SIXTH PERIOD

2:58 – 3:02       PASSING PERIOD                               2:58 – 3:02      PASSING PERIOD      

3:02 – 4:00      SEVENTH PERIOD                            3:02 – 4:00      SEVENTH PERIOD

Regular Class Periods - 58 minutes

Breakfast - 16 minutes (Exclusive of Passing Periods)

Lunch - 30 minutes (Exclusive of Passing Periods)

Passing Periods - 4 minutes





     A LUNCH SCHEDULE                                              B LUNCH SCHEDULE                

7:57                 START UP BELL                                   7:57                 START UP BELL

8:00 – 8:35      FIRST PERIOD                                  8:00 – 8:35      FIRST PERIOD

8:35 – 8:39       PASSING PERIOD                               8:35 – 8:39      PASSING PERIOD

8:37 – 8:52      A BREAKFAST                                   8:39 – 9:14      SECOND PERIOD

8:52 – 8:56       PASSING PERIOD                               9:14 – 9:18      PASSING PERIOD

8:56 – 9:31      SECOND PERIOD                              9:16– 9:31       B BREAKFAST

9:31 – 9:35       PASSING PERIOD                               9:31 – 9:35       PASSING PERIOD

9:35 – 10:10    THIRD PERIOD                                 9:35 – 10:10    THIRD PERIOD

10:10 – 10:14   PASSING PERIOD                               10:10 – 10:14   PASSING PERIOD

10:14 – 10:49   FOURTH PERIOD                             10:14 – 10:49   FOURTH PERIOD

10:49 – 10:53  PASSING PERIOD                               10:49 – 10:53   PASSING PERIOD

10:53 – 11:23   A LUNCH                                           10:53 – 11:28   FIFTH PERIOD

11:23 – 11:27  PASSING PERIOD                               11:28 – 11:32   PASSING PERIOD

11:27 – 12:02   FIFTH PERIOD                                 11:32 – 12:02   B LUNCH

12:02 – 12:06  PASSING PERIOD                               12:02 – 12:06   PASSING PERIOD      

12:06 – 12:41   SIXTH PERIOD                                  12:06 – 12:41   SIXTH PERIOD

12:41 – 12:45   PASSING PERIOD                               12:41 – 12:45   PASSING PERIOD

12:45 – 1:20    SEVENTH PERIOD                            12:45 – 1:20    SEVENTH PERIOD

1:20                  EARLY DISMISSAL                              1:20                 EARLY DISMISSAL

Class periods – 35 minutes

Breakfast - 15 minutes (Inclusive of Passing Period)             Lunch - 30 minutes

Passing periods - 4 minutes




2022 – 2023


     A LUNCH SCHEDULE                                              B LUNCH SCHEDULE                

9:57                 START UP BELL                                   9:57                 START UP BELL

10:00 – 10:43   FIRST PERIOD                                  10:00 – 10:43   FIRST PERIOD

10:43 – 10:47   PASSING PERIOD                               10:43 – 10:47   PASSING PERIOD

10:47 – 11:30   SECOND PERIOD                              10:47 – 11:30   SECOND PERIOD

11:30 – 11:34   PASSING PERIOD                               11:30 – 11:34   PASSING PERIOD

11:34 – 12:17   THIRD PERIOD                                 11:34 – 12:17   THIRD PERIOD

12:17 – 12:21   PASSING PERIOD                               12:17 – 12:21   PASSING PERIOD

12:21 – 12:52   A LUNCH                                            12:21 – 1:04    FOURTH PERIOD

12:52 – 12:56   PASSING PERIOD                               1:04 – 1:08      PASSING PERIOD

12:56 – 1:39    FOURTH PERIOD                             1:08 – 1:39      B LUNCH

1:39 – 1:43       PASSING PERIOD                               1:39 – 1:43      PASSING PERIOD

1:43 – 2:26      FIFTH PERIOD                                1:43 – 2:26      FIFTH PERIOD

2:26 – 2:30       PASSING PERIOD                               2:26 – 2:30      PASSING PERIOD

2:30 – 3:13      SIXTH PERIOD                                  2:30 – 3:13      SIXTH PERIOD

3:13 – 3:17       PASSING PERIOD                               3:13 – 3:17       PASSING PERIOD      

3:17 – 4:00      SEVENTH PERIOD                            3:17 – 4:00      SEVENTH PERIOD

Class periods - 43 minutes

Lunch - 30 minutes

Passing periods - 4 minutes

NOTE:  There is no Breakfast on 2 Hour (Snow) Delay Days.














English I

English II

English III

English IV





******Biology I

******Unified Chemistry/Physics



NM History/Study Skills

World History/Geography

US History & Geography

Principles of Democracy

Health/Drivers Education

***Student Success/Computer Literacy

Spanish II


*Spanish I/Communication




**Physical Education/Elective






*Communication credit is required for all freshmen as a Cobre High School/state graduation requirement.  Both Spanish I and Spanish II are required Cobre High School graduation courses with Spanish 1 fulfilling the Communications Credit as well.  Students planning to attend a college/university need Spanish I and Spanish II since many institutions require two foreign language credit(s) for admission.  Students should check with their future college/university for any and all entrance requirements.  

**Physical Education is a required course that can be taken at anytime within the four years.  It is highly recommended that this course be taken during the 9th or 10th grade year.  This is a pre-requisite for higher level PE courses.

***Computer Literacy or College Success will be the required course for completion of the dual enrollment credit.  2009 – 2010 implementation. 

****Each level of classification will be monitored and adjusted to meet minimum state requirements for graduation as well as total credits required to meet classification credit requirements (see below).

*****All students are required to enroll in an English, math, and history course each year of enrollment. 

******All students starting with the 9th grade class of 2011-2012 will take Biology I in the 9th grade and unified chemistry/physics in the 10th grade.

*******The Class of 2019 graduation requirements are listed below.  Graduation credits may vary for each class.  Each student for the Class of 2019 will be required to complete the following state requirements:                                            

  • 4 credits of English
  • 4 credits of math (at least one of which is equivalent to the Algebra I level or higher) – (Class of 2014 and beyond will require 4 credits of math at least one of which is equivalent to the Algebra II level or higher.)
  • 3 credits of science
  • 3.5 credits of history
  • 1 credit of communication (Spanish)
  • 1 credit of PE
  • 1 credit Dual Enrollment
  • Electives to meet minimum graduation credit requirements 


Following is a listing of credit requirements for each class presently in attendance at Cobre High School (these are the NM-PED minimum requirements for graduation):

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Class of 2025









24 credits

24 credits

24 credits

24 credits

24 credits

24 credits

24 credits

26 credits


Classification is based on expected year of graduation and is determined upon entrance into Cobre High School.  Student enrollment in classes is also based on program/testing requirements.

An incoming freshmen student’s 4-Year/Next Step Plan is based on credit requirements for the Class of 2022.  All previous classes must refer to the Next Step Plan on file based on their entrance into the ninth grade.


Credit Requirements

The daily schedule allows for seven (7) credits per year.  Each graduation class after the year 2013 will be required to have 26 credits to be eligible for graduation.    These are minimum requirements.

  • According to Cobre Consolidated School District Board Policy, only students who complete all graduation credit requirements prior to the date of graduation, and 1) pass all required state assessments and receive a Diploma of Excellence or 2) make all required attempts to pass the required state assessments but fall short and receive a Certificate of Completion are allowed to participate in graduation exercises.  NOTE:  The Cobre Consolidated School Board adopted an Alternative Demonstration of Competency (ADC) policy which states: “All students must demonstrate competency in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies in order to receive a New Mexico Diploma of Excellence.  However, students who are unable to demonstrate competency using the traditional assessments have the opportunity to demonstrate competency through an alternative demonstration.”
  • Academic recognition at graduation is based on the grade point average for all four years, grades 9 through 12.
  • A senior in the Class of 2019 must have earned 26 credits to graduate from Cobre High School.  Credit is earned for every course a student passes in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades.  To meet graduation requirements, a student must carry a complete full time schedule based on required credits.  If a student fails a required course, he or she must make-up the course.  Due to the change in course schedule, each grade level hereafter will be adjusted to meet graduation requirements.


Graduation Ceremony Etiquette and Attire

Students participating in the graduation ceremony (attendance is not mandatory for receipt of diploma) shall adhere to the dress code policy and shall not deface their caps or gowns in any way.  Students shall also conduct themselves in an appropriate manner according to school policy.

Student Classification

Grade-level classification is based on the student’s expected year of graduation and is determined upon entrance into Cobre High School.  Earning of grade-level credits is necessary for advancement to the next grade classification.  Students not earning minimum, required grade-level credits may be re-classified based on credits completed.

College Bound/Dual Enrollment

Students are required by the state to take at least one concurrent course or an honor’s course sometime during high school.  In order to fulfill that requirement, all sophomores must take the Computer Literacy course.

Students are encouraged to take additional courses offered concurrently through Western New Mexico University to pursue collegiate or technical options available to them at no cost.  It is highly advised that college bound students check with the college or university of their choice for academic course entrance requirements as early as their freshman or sophomore year.

Students are not allowed to drop WNMU classes after 2 weeks into the semester.  All concurrent grades must be submitted on student transcripts.  All concurrent enrollment students need to follow WNMU attendance policy (after 3 absences student will be dropped).  It is the student’s responsibility to notify WNMU when they are absent.  Students dropped from WNMU may not receive credit at Cobre High School depending on Cobre High School requirements.  Final approval is made by the Cobre High School Principal.

Students who enroll in WNMU classes offered on campus must complete both semesters of course work.  At the discretion of the administration, students may be denied the opportunity to continue dual enrollment if they fail to meet the requirements of the courses they enroll in.

New Student Enrollment

Enrollment eligibility is at the discretion of the building principal.  Refer to Board Policy 302-1.


Closed Campus

Cobre High School is a closed campus.  Once students arrive on campus they are NOT allowed off campus without proper authorization.  Students who arrive on campus and leave without proper authorization will be considered INSUBORDINATE and TRUANT and subject to appropriate discipline up to and including suspension/expulsion.

Leaving During the School Day

Students are permitted to leave during the school day if these procedures are followed: (1) Parents or guardians must present themselves to check out students from the front office if the student needs to leave school.  A PHONE CALL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.  (2) Students must get an off-campus pass from the front office. (3)  The off-campus pass must be given to campus security when leaving campus. (4)  Upon return, students must check-in at the front office.

The nurse will also sign out students who are ill through the front office.  Students who fail to follow this procedure will be considered insubordinate and truant.  A phone call from a parent after a student has left campus without proper authorization does not excuse the student’s insubordination or truancy.


The Cobre Consolidated School District will participate in a district-wide free breakfast and lunch program.  Every student at Cobre High School will receive a free breakfast during the breakfast period and a free lunch during the lunch period.  Food from the cafeteria will be eaten inside the cafeteria.  Food is not permitted in the hallways.  Meals may be brought in by preauthorized parents/guardians for their own children and must follow campus check-in procedures.

Breakfast/Lunch Breaks

  • Food and/or drinks served in the cafeteria must be consumed or discarded before leaving the cafeteria. 
  • Students are to remain in designated areas: front of school, cafeteria and foyer areas.
  • Students are not permitted on the south or west side of the school without proper authorization during breakfast or lunch breaks.
  • Food or drinks purchased at the school store should be consumed during this time and not be taken into classrooms or hallways.  The school store may be closed subject to students failing to properly dispose of their trash or failure to comply with this policy.




In order to avoid classroom interruptions, messages to students will be delivered during the last five minutes of each period; however, any message that is deemed as an emergency will be delivered immediately.


Student parking areas are provided and require parking permits if utilized.  Parking permits may be obtained at the front office on campus and may require a fee.  Students may register more than one vehicle under the same permit; however, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle driven to school reflects the permit. 

Students driving on campus are expected to have at least a valid provisional driver’s license and must provide registration, proof of insurance and other documentation deemed necessary to register all vehicles driven on campus.  Parking permits remain the property of Cobre Schools and must be surrendered upon request.   There will be a $5.00 replacement fee if a permit is lost. 

NOTE: The Cobre High School staff parking lots and those in back of the school are prohibited and off-limits to students.  Failure to follow the parking policy may result in disciplinary action including the towing of the student’s vehicle at his or her expense. 

Campus Security

Cobre High School employs its own security personnel who check-in visitors and directs them to the appropriate areas to sign-in, report any violations of school rules to Cobre Administration, assist at games, school functions, and other events on school property, and perform other duties as assigned.

Student Fees

All student fees are due on an annual basis including: course fees, class dues, club dues, textbook fees, and fees assessed due to property damage or loss of school property.

Freshman                     $10.00             Art                   $10.00             Auto                $10.00

Sophomore                  $10.00             Ceramics          $20.00             Gen. Shop        $10.00

Junior                          $20.00             Draw/Design    $10.00             Vo. Ag.            $10.00

Senior                          $10.00             Foods               $10.00             Woods             $20.00

Dr. Ed. Cert. Replace     $5.00

NOTE:  Official student transcripts may ONLY be withheld when fees pertain specifically to lost and/or damaged library books and school textbooks.  However, for participation in optional, nonrequired school activities such as prom and graduation (including receipt of diploma), students must have all fees incurred through class dues, club dues, course fees, fund raising activities, and activity/athletic participation paid before participation and/or receipt of diploma.  Students and parents may request a payment plan from the school for unpaid fee balances.      

Food and Drinks

There will be no eating or drinking of beverages other than water in the classroom.  Exceptions may be cleared by the classroom teacher.  Water must be in a clear plastic container with a top.

School Assemblies

Students will report to regularly scheduled classes for scheduled assemblies until the appropriate dismissal time.  Teachers will escort their classes to the gym at the appointed time and escort them back to class when the assembly is over.  School-wide assemblies will generally be held on Fridays during the Advisory period.  

Electronic Device Usage (Cell Phones, IPods, Headphones, etc.)

Cobre High School has a very generous usage policy for electronic devices (following paragraph) and appreciates parental support and assistance with encouraging students to keep all electronic devices in a secure place and put away during any and all class time.  At the beginning of each class period, teachers may provide a holding receptacle to be kept in plain sight where students will be required to place their electronic device(s).   Students may only retrieve their equipment at the end of class. 

The use of electronic devices including but not limited to: cell phones, IPods, earbuds, headphones, tablets, Game Boys are restricted on the CHS Campus and NOT allowed during class time.  They may be used within acceptable tolerances as not to disrupt the school environment, before and after school, during breakfast, lunch, and passing periods.  Failure of the student to abide by these guidelines will result in disciplinary action up to and including confiscation of the item (Cobre Consolidated Board Policy 339-3, F.) by the school administration.  See Other Violations, Unauthorized Electronic Device Usage, on Page 25 of this handbook. 

Cobre District Policy states, “the personal use of cell phones during the regular school day is prohibited unless permission has been granted by an administrator on your campus,” page 590 of the Cobre Consolidated School District Policy.  Furthermore, the school is NOT responsible for the loss/theft of any of the above mentioned items and will not spend administrative time investigating such a loss.

Note:  Cyber Bullying is handled as any other form of bullying.  If a student feels threatened, harassed, provoked or bullied by activity that has transpired on a cell phone or any other electronic device, law enforcement will be contacted immediately and disciplinary action appropriate for bullying will be enforced up to and including suspension/expulsion. 

Student Lockers

Student lockers are available and will be assigned through the Cobre High School office.  Lockers are the property of CHS and subject to search at any time.  For this reason, locks are furnished.   Any lock placed on a school issued locker may be removed by school officials. Lockers are a privilege and may be relinquished if they are being abused.  Locker fees may apply.

Skateboards/Rollerblades/Roller Skates/Heelies

Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates and heelies are not permitted on the high school campus.

Gift and Floral Delivery


Guidance Office

The Guidance Office provides services to meet student needs.  The school counselor is assisted by other outside agency counselors and/or by other school district counseling staff as needed.

Services provided include


    • information regarding scholarships and financial aid, and assistance in the completion of applications;
    • attendance liaison between the school and the JPPO office;
    • scheduling of College Days;
    • counseling of students on personal and academic issues;
    • supervision and scheduling of students taking certain standardized tests;
    • interpretation of test scores, etc.;
    • college transcripts and district reports; and
    • guidance on class schedules.

    Schedule Change Policy

    Schedule determination is based on the following:

    • course offerings
    • course conflicts
    • class size
    • mandated test course results
    • Not based on teacher preference
    • Schedule changes are not allowed once schedule is finalized

    Progress Reports/Deficiency Reports

    • Progress reports will be provided for students every four and one half (4 1/2) weeks.

    Report Cards

    • Report cards are issued to students every nine (9) weeks.
    • Report cards will be mailed at the end of the year.

    Crisis Counseling

    If a student has a crisis and needs to see a counselor immediately, teachers and/or the guidance secretary can be notified and a counselor will be made available.

    Appointment with Guidance Counselor

    The counselor is available for conferences by appointment.  The Guidance Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment during breakfast and lunch breaks.  The counselor will request students be sent to the Guidance Office by notifying teachers of any scheduled appointments.  Students will be excused from a class to go to the Guidance Office only if he or she has an appointment or is requested by the counselor.  Students are asked to not sit in the Guidance Office without an appointment.  An appointment can be made with the guidance secretary or counselor.

    Parent Services

    A counselor is available as a consultant to parents regarding family, academic, social, and personal concerns.  Parents may call the Guidance Office and arrange for a conference; however, parents should be aware that long-term counseling and therapy may be directed to an outside agency as the need arises.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Conferences to discuss a student’s welfare, progress, behavior, etc. are encouraged.  In order to heighten the educational progress of a student, it is necessary to have the schools work in partnership with the parent/guardian.  To help facilitate this process, the following procedures should be followed:

    • Conferences are scheduled before or after school or during a teacher’s prep time.
    • Conferences are scheduled by appointment to insure school personnel are available.
    • Appointments can be made directly with school personnel or through the principal’s or counselor’s office.

    Library Services

    The library provides materials and assistance in preparation for assignments.  Students may browse, ask for help, and use the library as needed.

    • Teachers may send no more than three students per class, unattended, to the library during regular class time.
    • Students may check out up to four resources at one time, for up to three weeks. These may be renewed, but no additional materials can be checked out to any student with overdue items. Books not returned the day after they are due will be considered overdue and a fine of five cents per day, not including weekends and holidays, will be charged on each book for each day it is overdue. Parents will be notified when a book has been overdue from the library for eight school weeks. At that time, the book will be considered lost and the student will be charged the full replacement cost of the book. If the book is found, the student will be reimbursed minus any outstanding fines owed.
    • The library will make copies for students at no charge as long as they are school related.
    • The library is available from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., including breakfast and alternate lunch times.


    Classroom textbooks are checked out through the library for the school year.  Because textbooks or equipment are furnished at public expense, the student is solely responsible for those items checked out to them.  Students must pay for them if they are lost and/or damaged.  If a student loses a textbook, he or she may check out a replacement after paying a $10.00 deposit.  The student must make payment arrangements with the librarian to pay for the lost textbook.  If the textbook is found, a refund will be issued as long as the textbook is returned in good condition.  If a student has a textbook checked out from a previous school year, he or she may not obtain another book of the same subject until the textbook has been returned or payment arrangements have been made.

    Library Computers and Library Lab

    • The computers in the library are programmed for research and writing purposes – not for playing games! The computers in the reading area are for general use and are subject to the library rules.
    • Both lab areas are Internet accessible.  Students using school computers must have a signed Internet-Use Agreement on file with their first period teachers and must use their personal login code when accessing the internet.  Any inappropriate activity will show up in their account and be subject to disciplinary action including loss of computer privileges for the year.
    • The library lab is available on a reservation basis to Cobre classes.

    Computer Services

    Cobre High School has two additional computer lab facilities:

    • Room 143 Computer Lab – This computer lab is a general-purpose lab.  Teachers should reserve this room one week in advance.
    • Business Computer Labs – The labs in the Business classrooms are designed to give our students an opportunity to learn in a lab setting.  The labs are used by teacher permission before and after school.  These labs are open to school use only.

    Nursing Services

    The nursing office is a place where students can go if they feel ill, have had an injury or they need to talk to someone about health-related issues.  The nursing staff also covers Snell Middle School; however, every effort is made to have the office available during scheduled hours. Professional services available include:

    • First Aid: Nursing staff are trained to provide first aid.  They make the decision about the seriousness of the injury and call parents and 911 if needed.  Parents are always called in case of a head injury, a possible fracture, or for something that needs a medical doctor’s evaluation.
    • Health Counseling: The nurse can answer questions about conditions or illnesses, and medication.  Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to share medical conditions that the student may have. In order to follow up on any care plans a doctor prescribes, students and/or their parents/guardians should share these with nursing staff as well.
    • Screening: Every year, the nurse checks the height and weight of each student to determine growth.  The nurse also checks the hearing of the students in grades 9 and 11-and the vision of students in grade 10 and 12. Referrals to health care professionals are given as needed.
    • Immunizations: As students reach high school age, the most common immunization that is needed is a tetanus booster.Nursing staff keep track of all the students who need this service, and send notices to parents through students.  They also hold immunization clinics as needed.  It is law in the state of New Mexico that all students attending school must be up-to-date on their immunizations. 

      Health Issues

      It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to annually inform the school nurse concerning major ongoing health problems such as: diabetes, seizures, kidney problems, heart ailments, allergies, etc.

      Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS) Health Clinic

    • Referrals to the on campus HMS health clinic must come from the nurse, clinic staff, or administrative staff or designee. HIPAA laws will be adhered to in every case.
    • The HMS health clinic is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., for medical issues and on Tuesdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., for counseling. The HMS health clinic number is 575-537-5069.
    • There will be a charge for all office visits.All major insurances will be accepted.
    • The HMS clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner, medical assistant and an office person.
    • Parents authorizing their child’s use of the HMS health clinic must contact the clinic to fill out necessary forms, etc. prior to or during their child’s visit.

    SAT Team

    • The SAT Team is a committee consisting of the principal, counselor, and appropriate faculty members.  Under certain circumstances, students may be referred to this team for action/consideration.  The SAT Team may use, but is not limited to, the following options:

    Make-up Work

    • Make-up work is only allowed for school activity absences, or excused absences. NOTE: If a student is Out-of-School Suspended (OSS), he or she will not be allowed to make up any work missed in his or her classes during the suspension.
    • Make-up work is the student’s responsibility.  The student must request make-up work upon returning.  Students have the same amount of time to complete and turn in make-up work as the number of days they were absent from school. Example: If a student missed three days of school they get three days to make up work.  The teacher has the right to extend the required deadline.  The student will receive zeros if make-up work is not turned in.
    • In the event of a school sanctioned activity, students are expected to request make-up work in advance and turn it in per individual teacher requirements.
    • Make-up work for absences of one (1) week or less must be must be requested by the student, and picked up upon his or her return to class.   Parents requesting make-up work must give a two (2) day advance notice for extended absences of five (5) days or more.
    • Students are to pick up their make-up work or make arrangements through the guidance office for work to be picked up.

    NOTE:  See “Unexcused” Late Work Acceptance Policy on Page 16 of this handbook for information related to unexcused make-up work.

    Visitors/Parents on Campus

    Anyone visiting the campus must register at the front office. Only individuals listed on a student’s access list may check-out students.   Parents/guardians wishing to gain access to the guidance office, nurse’s office, and SPED offices must obtain a visitor’s pass. After checking in and gaining authorization from office staff, they must be escorted during their visit. Parents/guardians are not allowed in the academic areas (classrooms) between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., without prior approval. 

    School Sponsored Activities

    • Approved activities are those in which a sponsor is in direct supervision of students.  These absences are recognized as being in school attendance and are not recorded as absences.
    • The teacher/sponsor in charge of the activity will publish, in advance, a list of students who are expected to attend the activity.  Following the activity, a list of students who failed to attend will be submitted to the attendance secretary.

    National Honor Society

    The selection process for becoming a member of National Honor Society begins in the fall of a student’s junior year.  If a student has a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher, he or she will be invited to apply for membership.  Once a student has applied for membership, the Faculty Council will review the application looking for the following: 

    • proof of community service
    • leadership roles
    • having completed or being enrolled in at least three WNMU/dual enrollment or honor’s course
    • strong character (no discipline referrals)
    • be in at least two extracurricular activities (only one of which can be a sport)

    This means that a student needs to be preparing for membership beginning in his or her freshman year.  A student needs to maintain a high grade point average, be involved in school activities, take on some leadership roles, complete community service hours somewhere in his or her community, follow school rules, practice good attendance, be on time, and be a role model to his or her peers.  Anyone wishing to acquire more information about becoming a member of the Cobre High School Chapter of the National Honor Society should contact the sponsor, Mrs. Chavez.

    Lost, Stolen, Damaged and Found Items

    The front office is the area designated for lost and found articles.  Anyone who finds a lost or misplaced article at school is asked to take it to this area as soon as possible.  Students looking for lost possessions should check in the front office.  If lost and found articles are not claimed within a reasonable amount of time, the article will be discarded.

    The school is not responsible for the loss or theft of articles.  Reporting of stolen items or vandalism should be made to the front office as soon as possible.  The student may file a police report with the Bayard Police Department.


    Morning announcements are read at the beginning of third period Mondays through Wednesdays and during the beginning of Advisory period on Thursdays.  Bulletin boards are to be used for items of student interest; however, all poster signs and announcements must be cleared and approved by the administration.



    No student will be enrolled at CHS unless he/she has been immunized, as required under the rules and regulations of the State of New Mexico and can provide satisfactory evidence of such immunization.  If the student produces satisfactory evidence of having begun the process of immunization, he/she may enroll and attend school as long as the immunization process is being accomplished in the prescribed manner.  It is unlawful for any parent to refuse or neglect to have his child immunized unless the child is properly exempted (refer to District Policy Handbook for exemptions).  Out-of state students shall have a six-week period after enrollment to become immunized or to provide proof of immunization.

    Unexcused Make-up Work Policy

    Cobre High has instituted a school-wide, “Unexcused” Late Work Acceptance Policy.  This policy does not apply to students who are absent and receive an excused absence for health reasons, family situations, or for missing school due to school sponsored activities such as athletic or student organization events.  This policy applies only to students who are present in class and are given a due date on an extended assignment and fail to turn in the assignment on the due date.  This is considered unexcused late work.  Unexcused late work will only be accepted up to four school days from the due date.  A grade penalty of 10% off for each day late will be applied.  For example; if an assignment is due on Wednesday a student may still turn it in by the end of school on Tuesday of the following week for partial (40% off the final grade) credit.  This policy is effective school-wide in all core and elective classes.

    Student Attendance     305-1

    The Cobre Board of Education recognizes that in addressing truancy, the goal is to keep students in school and not to suspend or expel any student for being truant.  In accordance with the Compulsory School Attendance requirements, the Cobre Board of Education adopts the following policy:


    "Attendance" is students who are in class or in a school-approved activity.  If a student is in attendance up to one half the total instructional time during a school day, the student will be counted as having attended one-half of a school day.  If the student attends school for more than one-half of the total instructional time, the student will be counted as having attended for the full day.

    "Habitual truant" means a student who has accumulated the equivalent of ten (10) or more unexcused absences within a school year.

    "Truant in need of intervention" means a student who has accumulated five (5) unexcused absences within a school year.

    "Unexcused absence" means an absence from school or a class for which the student does not have an allowable excuse pursuant to the compulsory school attendance law or the policies of the Cobre Board of Education.


    In accordance with the above definition of "attendance", class attendance will be taken and maintained by class period for every instructional day for each student in each school or school program within the Cobre School District.  Furthermore, the Board of Education prohibits out-of-school suspension and/or expulsion as a punishment for truancy. 

    All schools will utilize the following guidelines as set forth by the Cobre Board of Education to provide for early identification of students with unexcused and excused absences, truant in need of intervention, and habitual truants.  The District will provide for intervention that focuses on keeping truants in an educational setting.  NOTE:  Truancy intervention/deterrence at Cobre High School may include disciplinary action up to and including In School Suspension (ISS).

    Cobre High Disciplinary Action First Truancy Level

    The 1st and 2nd time a student is absent, the school administration will contact the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) to inform them that the student is truant and to discuss possible interventions and appropriate school disciplinary actions that may be enforced up to and including In School Suspension (ISS).

    Cobre High Disciplinary Action Second Truancy Level

    Beginning with a student’s 3rd absence and any thereafter, the school administration will: 1) contact the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) by mail to inform them that the student is truant and to discuss possible interventions, 2) file a formal truancy notice with the JPPO, and 3) administer appropriate school disciplinary actions up to and including In School Suspension. 

    State and District Truancy Guidelines

    At both levels of truancy, the Cobre High School administration will meet with the student and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) to identify the causes for the student's truancy, identify what actions can be taken that might prevent the student's truancy, identify possible school district and/or community resources to address the causes for the student's truancy, and establish a corrective action plan to address the student's truancy.  The corrective action plan must contain follow-up procedures to ensure that the causes for the student's truancy are being addressed.

    The district’s Truancy officer will make parent contact on the 3rd, 5th and 10th unexcused absence.   If the student is a habitual truant (ten or more unexcused absences within a school year) they will be reported to the probation services office of the judicial district where the student resides.  Beginning with the Truancy officer’s contact on the 5th unexcused absence, the student and parent may be required to go before the local Attendance Panel to explain their failure to meet state attendance requirements. Referrals will be made to the district truancy officer for 5, 10 and 15 excused absences (see ASI Support System).

    If the habitual truant is not referred to the children's court by the juvenile probation office for appropriate disposition, the District may contact the children's court attorney directly to determine what action will be taken.  If a determination and finding has been made by the juvenile probation office that the habitual truancy may have been caused by the parent or guardian of the student, and no charges have been filed against the parent or guardian, the District may contact the district attorney's office to determine what action will be taken.

    The notification to the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) and the meeting with the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be handled respectfully by both parties and in a language and manner understandable to the student and the parent(s)/guardian(s).

    A copy of this attendance policy shall be provided to the Public Education Department's truancy office as required by New Mexico statutes and regulations.  The Public Education Department's truancy officer shall be permitted access to any records and information related to truancy in the Cobre Consolidated School District. 

    The Superintendent shall report student absences through the accountability data system as specified by the Public Education Department (References:  NMSA 1978 22-12-7 and NMAC Student Attendance).    The Cobre Board of Education supports and authorizes the schools to apply the following in dealing with absences:


    School attendance is vital for student success.  Therefore, all absences in excess of 5 (five) days (excused and unexcused) per school year, (per class at the secondary level), will require written doctor’s verification.  The verification must be from a licensed medical provider and must include date(s) of absence(s) if the absence(s) is/are due to a health issue.  Absences without medical verification will remain unexcused and will be referred to the JPPO as with other unexcused absences.  Students who have long-term or excessive absences with medical verification(s) may be referred to the school site’s Student Assistance Team, (SAT Team), and the Attendance Student Assistant Team (ASAT) in an effort to determine how best to assist the student.  The school’s medical personnel may evaluate the student to determine a school health plan for the student

    At all grade levels: 

    • Parents/legal guardians must notify the school of an absence within 24 (twenty-four) hours.  Parents must send or present a note in person to school attendance secretary within forty-eight (48) hours of the student’s return to school.  Phone calls will no longer be accepted.
    • Parents/legal guardians must notify the attendance office immediately of an extenuating circumstance requiring long term absence from school.  A SAT meeting and intervention will be required.
    • Students who have unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up class assignments that require class participation and will receive no credit for such assignments.
    • In order to assist students in mastering course content, all assignments missed due to an absence (excused or unexcused) must be made up within the same amount of days missed. If a student misses one day of school, they will have one day to make up the missed school work.  If they miss two days, they will have two days to make up the missed work, and if they miss four days absent they will have four days to make missed work, etc.
    • Parents or guardians will receive notification when their child accumulates one (1) unexcused absence.
    • Upon the third unexcused/unverified absence in a semester, a referral will be made to JPPO and a courtesy letter will be sent to parents/guardians to notify them of the infraction.
    • Upon the fifth unexcused/unverified absence, a referral will be made to JPPO, and the student may be required to attend a monthly Friday or Saturday School session from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon to make up missed instructional time if available. Saturday school will be under the supervision of school staff which may include the principal, teacher, counselor, social worker, attendance success coach, etc.
    • Students failing to comply with disciplinary action will be referred to the Student Assistance Team (SAT).   The SAT, in cooperation with the parents and through the school’s Response to Intervention (RTI) process, will develop a plan to address attendance concerns and will enter into a contract with the parents which defines progressive consequences for future absences which may include requiring parents to attend school with the student, make-up attendance time during lunch or after school, referral to CYFD for Educational Neglect, or other appropriate consequences.
    • The Juvenile Probation and Parole Office (JPPO) will be notified after three (3), five (5) and ten (10) unexcused absences in order for them to contact parents.
    • Students who are on Out of School Suspension (OSS) will receive unexcused absences.  If required by the school administration, a parent or legal guardian must check-in students returning after OSS.  NOTE: School work will not be allowed to be made up during OSS.
    • Parents will be advised of the Attendance Policy on at least two separate occasions prior to, or within the first two weeks of the school year.


    ASI Support System

    Tier 1


    3 Unexcused Absences




    5 Excused Absences

    • Notification letter is mailed home to the parents by the school.
    • A phone call home is made by the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team.
    • Meeting with Principal.
    • Student meeting with the Attendance Success Coach and or Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Parent Meeting with the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Referral to outside resource. (Counseling, CYFD, JPO, Food assistance, Etc.)
    • Home visit from the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Attendance Correction Intervention. (Attendance contract)

    Tier 2


    5 Unexcused Absences




    10 Excused Absences




    A combination of unexcused and Excused absences that total 10 absences

    • Notification letter is mailed home to the parents by the school.
    • A phone call home is made by the Attendance success coach and or Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Referral to the “Truancy Intervention Court”. (Parents are mailed and invitation with a date and time to a non-punitive, family centered, meeting with the local Municipal Judge. Students are personally served an invitation with a date and time to a non-punitive, family centered, meeting with the local Municipal Judge.)
    • Student meeting with the Attendance Success Coach and or Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Parent Meeting with the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Referral to outside resource. (Counseling, CYFD, JPO, Food assistance, Etc.)
    • Home visit from the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Attendance Intervention Plan is put in place if not already done.
    • Student is entered into PED Data Tracker.


    Tier 3


    More than 10 Unexcused Absences




    15 Excused Absences




    A combination of unexcused and Excused absences that total 15 absences

    • Notification letter is mailed home to the parents by the school.
    • A phone call home is made by the Attendance success coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team.
    • Parent is personally served or mailed a certified “Notice of Habitual Truancy Letter”. (the letter contains a notice that the student has missed 10 unexcused days; as well as a date, time, and place where the meeting will be held.)
    • Student meeting with the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team
    • Referral to outside resource. (Counseling, CYFD, JPO, Food assistance, Etc.)
    • Home visit from the Attendance Success Coach and or the Attendance Student Assistance Team.
    • Attendance Intervention Plan is re-evaluated by the Attendance Student Assistance Team.
    • Referral to JPO. (the family is referred to JPO as a “Family in Need of Services”)
    • Parent is filed in Magistrate Court for neglect of education. Pursuant to the children’s Code and NM State Law 22-12-7





    Unexcused tardies are cumulative (school-wide) and addressed on a nine-week basis.  Upon entering class with an unexcused tardy; students will be asked to sign and date an Unexcused Tardy Slip by the classroom teacher which will later be turned in to the administration.  Unexcused tardies accumulate over a nine weeks but do not carry over from one nine weeks to the next. 

    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Unexcused Tardies Classroom Level Consequences - Parent notified by teacher and/or administration when student accumulates three (3) unexcused tardies.
    • 4th and 5th Unexcused Tardies School Level Consequences - Parents notified by administration and students will receive 3-Day lunch detention for their 4th and 5th unexcused tardy.
    • 6th Unexcused Tardy and thereafter School/JPPO Level Consequences - Parent notified by administration and students will receive 1-3 DAY In School Suspension (ISS) and referred to JPPO.  NOTE:  Upon the student’s 9th unexcused tardy in a nine weeks JPPO will place student on contract.

    Dress and Grooming Rules

    The Principal is entitled to interpret and administer the dress and grooming code to prohibit clothing or grooming that, at the Principal’s discretion, may reasonably be expected to disrupt or interfere with normal operations of the school’s learning environment.

    The Principal, in cooperation with the sponsor, coach, or other person in charge of extracurricular activities, may regulate the dress and grooming of students who participate in the activity.  A student who violates such a standard may be subject to disciplinary action, including removal or exclusion from the activity for a period determined by the principal.

    Disciplinary action will be taken when a student does not comply with the dress code.  The student will be given the opportunity to correct the dress code violation.  The student will remain in the office until the dress code violation is corrected. 

    The student will have the opportunity to call for an appropriate item(s) of clothing.  If an alternative is available in the office, the student will have opportunity to use it.  If the student refuses or is unable to, he/she will spend the day of the infraction in ISS and further discipline may take place if the infraction continues.  This may include, but is not limited to detention, ISS, or suspension.  In any and all case concerning dress code, the principal or designee’s decision is FINAL.

    Dress Code Guidelines

    Shorts, skirts and skorts may be worn at an appropriate length, at least arms length/fingertips.  Appropriate length will be decided by prevailing fashion and the determination of the administration.  Any shorts, skirts, or skorts that are deemed to be indecent, suggestive and or/disruptive by the teacher in the classroom or the administration will not be allowed.

    Appropriate footwear defined by each class must be worn at all times. Footwear with toes reinforced with steel is not allowed unless it is deemed appropriate footwear by the teacher. If a student wears this type of footwear, it may only be worn in the appropriate class.

    Appropriate headwear may be worn to school and worn appropriately; however, it may not be worn in the hallways, classrooms, or in the building during school hours.  Wearing or exhibiting bandanas is prohibited unless deemed acceptable by the Principal on certain theme days throughout the school year.

    Sunglasses may not be worn in the building and may be confiscated by administration unless they are Transition Lens.

    Any clothes that are suggestive or indecent or which cause distraction are not acceptable; specifically, oversized clothing, pants with frayed areas or holes above the knee, tank tops, muscle tops, spaghetti straps, exposed shoulders, back or midriffs and see-through garments are not permitted.  Clothing that allows the underclothes to be seen will not be permitted.

    Indecent/inappropriate [ex: guns, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, suggestive figures, or wording] patches, writing, or drawings on clothing or backpacks are prohibited.

    Pants should fit appropriately and worn at the waist (no “sagging or bagging”).  Tight fitting pants (e.g. tights, Spandex, bicycle pants, tight leggings, yoga pants) are prohibited.  Pants should be in good condition without excessive fraying.  Pajama pants are prohibited.

    Inappropriate jewelry will be confiscated (ex:  Spiked bracelets, chains etc.)

    Inappropriate makeup such as eye blackening, covering of face, black lip-stick, etc. will be prohibited and student will be asked to remove excessive makeup. 

    Due to safety concerns, the Principal or designee may prohibit oversized (trench coach style) coats or any other oversized clothing.

    Any apparel, grooming or hair style that is unsafe, extreme, distracting, offensive and/or disruptive to the school’s learning environment will be deemed unacceptable by the administration.

    Gang-Like Attire and Behavior

    Wearing anything that identifies the wearer as a member of a gang or suggests the desire to be

    considered a member, including, but is not limited to bandanas, a particular color or clothing that through color, brand or locations (such as right or left side) is intended or may be considered to be a display of dominance is not allowed.  “Throwing” any hand signs and/or using gang symbolism.  Graffiti on notebooks, book covers or book bags, school property, and notes or assignments is not acceptable.  No whistling in the halls, campus, or classrooms.


    The student code of conduct applies to all school-sponsored and school related activities, on or off campus.  Students who violate these rules will be subject to disciplinary action and when appropriate, will be referred to legal authorities for criminal prosecution for violation of the law.  Students must bear in mind that they must adhere to the Rules of Conduct for the Cobre Consolidated School District 336-3 along with standards set forth in this handbook.  The Rules of Conduct for Cobre Consolidated School District can be viewed on the district website under the Board of Education Policy Manual pages 336-3 through 336-6.  Not all scenarios or situations that occur within the school environment may be specifically outlined in the policy manuals; however, if they are considered to be a violation of school policy they will be held to consequences according to the severity of the infraction.  Disciplinary actions will be enforced according to the severity of the infraction to be determined by the Principal.

    Students attending Cobre High School are expected to:

    • Attend class regularly and on time.
    • Bring materials and completed assignments to class.
    • Be properly attired.
    • Exhibit respect toward others and staff.
    • Conduct themselves in a reasonable manner.
    • Pay required fees and fines.
    • Adhere to the rules and regulations in the Student Code of Conduct/Handbook/Board Policy.
    • Cooperate with staff in the investigation of any disciplinary matter in which a student may have knowledge relating to a serious infraction.
    • Honor reasonable requests made by all adults.  Students are expected to comply with reasonable requests from bus drivers, secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians, teachers, volunteers, substitutes and administrators. 

    Note:  High school students may hold hands while on campus.  However, Inappropriate Display of Public Affection such as but not limited to, kissing, prolonged full body hugs, sitting on another student’s lap, etc. are not permissible and violate student behavior expectations.  Violations will be handled by the school administration according to the Standard of Conduct, III. Other Violations, D., on Page 25 of this handbook.


    Administrative Detention

    Students will be assigned a designated detention location before and after school and/or during A/B lunch when warranted by the student’s inappropriate behavior as determined by the administration.  Students will be assigned detention as determined by the administration based on behavior infractions.  Consequences for missing detention assignments will be cumulative and lead to greater consequences.

    Administrative Detail

    Students will be assigned to various details, which include, but are not limited to picking up trash on campus, working with custodians and or cleaning cafeteria tables when warranted by the student’s inappropriate behavior as determined by the administration.

    In School Suspension (ISS)

    ISS is a serious discipline consequence and shall be assigned as a consequence when warranted and deemed appropriate for inappropriate student behavior by the administration.  If the student continues their inappropriate behavior in ISS or fails to report to ISS they will be immediately placed on Out of School Suspension (OSS) for a length of time determined by the administration.

    Out of School Suspension (OSS)

    OSS is a major disciplinary consequence and administered for heighten student misbehavior infractions such as, but not limited to, bullying, fighting, and insubordination with staff.  Students receiving OSS will be given unexcused absences for their days suspended out of school and are not allowed to make up their work.  A student who is suspended shall not be on campus or attend any school sponsored and/or related activities, for any reason during the suspension period.  A student who chooses to violate the suspension rules will be filed on for criminal trespassing and may receive additional OSS and/or taken to expulsion. 

    There are two types of Out of School Suspensions; Short Term and Long Term.

    1. Short Term Out of School Suspension (OSS):  With any major misbehavior infraction, students can be suspended out of school from one to ten days.  OSS students are not allowed on campus during their suspension and cannot attend any school sponsored activities.  The length of OSS warranted by the student’s serious misbehavior infraction is determined by the school administration. 
    1. Long-term Out of School Suspension (OSS)/Expulsion:  Students may be suspended out of school for up to ten days with an expulsion hearing set to determine whether they should be:  1. expelled from school, 2. expelled from the main campus but allowed to attend the Alternative School or 3. allowed to return back to the school after their Long Term OSS is completed.  The school will abide by all requirements for both regular and special education students when taking them to an expulsion hearing.  The Superintendent of Schools or his designee acts as the district’s Hearing Officer for all expulsion cases. 

    Expulsion is the last resort disciplinary action taken by the administration and is only applied when all other forms of discipline have been unsuccessful in changing a student’s inappropriate behavior, or when a student commits an infraction so severe it warrants an immediate long term OSS and possible expulsion from school.  The process begins at the Principal level and moves to the Superintendent and may continue to the Board of Education. A student who is expelled shall not be on campus or attend any school sponsored and/or related activities, for any reason.  Students who choose to violate the expulsion rules can be prosecuted for criminal trespassing.

    Alternative Parent Assisted Suspension

    The Cobre High administration, in cooperation with the student’s parent, may allow a parent/legal guardian to escort them to class for a period of time when warranted by the student’s inappropriate behavior as determined by the administration.

    Teacher After Class Detention

    A teacher may request a student to remain after class to speak to them individually about their inappropriate behavior.  After doing so, the teacher will provide the student with a tardy excuse for the next class if needed.  If the student chooses not to remain after class at the teacher’s request, then the student’s inappropriate behavior will be handled by the administration.


    Referral Procedure

    All school staff have the right and obligation to maintain a safe and disciplined school learning environment.  When students violate school rules, policies and procedures a discipline referral may be generated.  In the classroom, teachers will contact parents when a student’s misbehavior is causing disruption but not necessarily warranting a discipline referral.  If the student’s misbehavior continues and/or is severe enough a formal written referral will be sent to the office and the teacher will also contact parents.   Although discipline infractions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, student discipline referrals are cumulative and can lead to greater consequences including but not limited to long term OSS/Expulsion.

    Problem Area and Disciplinary Action

    These pages show examples of minimum and maximum disciplinary actions which may be taken for specific infractions.  Some Problem Areas indicate an action for first occurrences as well.  If a student has demonstrated excellent behavior and then becomes involved in an infraction, a school official may consider the student’s positive behavior record prior to taking any action.  If a student has continually been involved in problem areas, then disciplinary action will probably be the maximum action listed. 

    The principal or designee has the authority to determine the Minimum and the Maximum Action as needed.  The Minimum Action may not always be used and all recommended expulsions will follow the due process requirements.  Students and parents need to be aware that discipline is cumulative and progressive throughout the school year.

    NOTE: These pages are NOT all inclusive and in cases of severe student misbehavior and disruption to the school’s learning environment the disciplinary actions (consequences) taken by the administration may extend beyond the guidelines listed.







    A. Assault/



    Parent Contact/Involvement

    5-10 Days OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    B. Weapons

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    1st Offense-Per State Guidelines 10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    C. Fighting

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    1st offense- 5 Day OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police – Students Charged with Public Affray)

    Parent Involvement

    2nd offense - 10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    D. Harassment and Bullying/Cyber Bullying

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    ISS, 3- 10 Days OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    E. Obstruction/


    During Fights

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    2-10 Days OSS

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    F. Verbal Abuse/


    Parent Contact/ Involvement

    2-10 Days OSS

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    G. Hazing



    Parent Contact/Involvement

    2-10 Days OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    H. Recording of fights with cell phones or other electrical equipment

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    2-10 Days OSS

    Cell phone will be confiscated from student and returned to parents.

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    1. Student or Staff Endangerment

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    2-10 Days OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)






      A.  Robbery/ Extortion

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      2-10 Days OSS

      (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      B.  Theft

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      2-10 Days OSS

      (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      C.  Unauthorized    Use of School Property

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      2-10 Days OSS (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      D.  Willful Damage

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      Suspension: 2-10 days (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)


      E.  Willful damage to property of staff members & others

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      Suspension: 2-10 days

      (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)






      A.  Unauthorized Electronic   Device Usage

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      1st Offense - Lunch Detention

      Device confiscated

      2nd-3rd Parents must pick up device and progressive lunch detention assigned

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      Starting with 4th offense ISS/OSS

      Device confiscated and parents must pick up from school administration.

      B.  Leaving Campus Without Proper Authorization

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      2-3 Days OSS

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      Progressive OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing

      C.  Disorderly Conduct

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      2-10 Days OSS

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      D.  Inappropriate Display of Public Affection

      Parent Contact/Involvement


      1-10 Days ISS

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      1-10 Days OSS


      E.  Drug Use, and/oR Possession of Drugs, and /or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      Per State Guidelines:

      1st Offense - 5 Day OSS

      2nd Offense - 10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing

      (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

      F.  Tobacco and  Tobacco-like Products (including electronic cigarettes)

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      1st Offense - Intervention Parent Conference, 1-3 Days ISS

      2nd Offense 1-3 Days OSS

      3rd & Subsequent Offenses Progressive OSS

      Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)





      A.     Reckless or Careless  Driving and/or Parking

      Minimum: Parent Contact/Involvement

      Loss of driving and/or parking privileges on campus

      Maximum:  Parent Contact/Involvement

      10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)







    1. Willful Disobedience/

    Continual Disobedience

    Parent Contact/Involvement


    1-10 Days OSS

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    1. Defiance of Authority/Insubordination

    Parent Contact/Involvement


    1-10 Days OSS

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    1. Disruptive Behavior


    Parent Contact/Involvement

    Student Conference


    Suspension: 1-10 days

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    1. Record & Identification Falsification

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    Student Conference

    Suspension: 1-10 days

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    1. Unauthorized Distribution of Materials

    Parent Contact/Involvement


    Suspension: 1-10 days

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    F. Unexcused

    Tardies (within

    a nine weeks)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    Principal’s Conference (on 3rd Tardy)

    3 Days Lunch Detention (on 4th & 5th Tardies in a nine weeks)

    Parent Contact/Involvement,

    1-3 Days ISS (Starting with the student’s 6th tardy in a nine weeks)


    G. Truancy

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    1st and 2nd Truancy

    Student Intervention Conference

    Possible ISS


    Parent Contact/Involvement

    3rd Truancy and Any Thereafter

    Student Intervention Conference


    Filing of formal Truancy Referral with the JPPO

    H. Misbehavior on

    School Bus

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    Limited Suspension of Bus Privileges

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    Permanent Suspension of Bus Privileges

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    I. Inappropriate Student Attire

    Parent Contact/Involvement



    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    J. Trespassing/ Criminal Trespassing

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    1-10 Days OSS

    (Notification of Juvenile Authorities/Police)

    Parent Contact/Involvement

    10 Days OSS/ Expulsion Pending Hearing (Notification of Juvenile

    Expulsion Procedures


    • Only the School Board (“Board”) has the authority to expel a student.The Board may, however, delegate to a hearing officer the function of conducting the expulsion hearing and of recommending appropriate board action.
    • The school principal may recommend to the superintendent that a student be expelled.The superintendent may recommend expulsion to the board.
    • When the superintendent recommends expulsion, the student shall be suspended pending action on the recommended expulsion by the Board.
    • No student shall be expelled without a formal hearing unless the student’s legal guardian, or the student, if 18 years of age, waives the right of such a procedure.Any such waiver shall be in writing, except the failure to appear at the hearing after notice shall be deemed to be a waiver.
    • If the Board holds the expulsion hearing, it shall be conducted in executive session unless the student or the student’s legal guardian and the Board agree to a public hearing.If the hearing is conducted by a hearing officer, it shall be private unless the student or the student’s parent(s) or guardian and the Board agree that the hearing be public.If the hearing is conducted in executive session at a private hearing by the hearing officer, the information shall not be made public by a hearing officer, the information shall not be made public regarding the name of the minor student, the issue, the decision, or a board member’s vote.
    • In cases heard but not determined by a hearing officer, the hearing officer shall provide the Board with findings of fact, a conclusion as to whether or not the student is guilty of the alleged misconduct, and recommended decision. The recommendations shall be made available to the student’s legal guardians, or if over age 18, to the student. The Board shall thereafter consider the matter in executive session or, if requested by the legal guardian or student, in public session, provided the Board and the other parties involved are mutually agreeable.
    • Whether conducted by the Board or a hearings officer, expulsion hearing procedures shall include the following:
    • Notice to the student and legal guardian by personal service or certified mail of the charges and the facts that support the charges.The notice shall include a statement of intent to consider the charges as reason for expulsion.Where notice is given by personnel service, the person serving the notice shall prepare a “return of service” for the file, indicating the person served, and the time and the place of service.Where notice is given by certified mail, the notice shall be placed in the mail at least five days before the date of the hearing.
    • When the student or the legal guardian cannot understand English, the board shall provide an interpreter.
    • Counsel or other persons may represent the student.
    • The student shall be permitted to introduce evidence by testimony, writings, or other exhibits.
    • The student shall be permitted to be present to hear evidence by the district.
    • An expelled student shall be excluded from school attendance and from all non-public activities in the district during the period of expulsion.
    • Usually the expulsion shall occur during the current semester in which the disciplinary action is taken.The expulsion may, however, extend to the next semester if the period of time would be too short to be effective.


    Suspension and Disciplinary Considerations for Special Education Students

    Special Education students are not immune from the district’s disciplinary process once placement procedures are properly followed.  The exclusion of an exceptional student from his/her education program for more than a total of ten days during a school year constitutes a significant change in placement.  Long term suspension (ten days or more, or a series of suspensions totaling ten days or more) or expulsion of handicapped students for seriously disruptive and/or dangerous behavior related to their handicap or resulting from an inappropriate placement is prohibited.  Both in-school suspension and out-of-school suspensions exclude a student from his/her education program and are to be counted together when applying the ten (10) day rule.  Continuance of the educational program is mandatory.

    Special Education students may only be removed from the educational environment when:  (1) The student’s behavior endangers the student or others, or the education of the students is significantly impaired by disruptive behavior; or (2) special education placement procedures have been employed prior to the student’s removal.  The decision to remove an exceptional student from his/her education program is to be made on an individual basis.

    Suspensions are an area of concern if the behavior that occurs is related to the student’s handicapping condition or exceptionality.  Disciplinary processes and suspensions must be consistent with the goals and objectives of the student’s individual education program.  Long term suspension (a total of ten days during the school year) represents a change in placement and is subject to the evaluation, placement and due process requirements to the Educational Standards for New Mexico Schools.  The student’s educational program is to be reviewed by the Educational Appraisal and Review Committee (EA&R); and (1) a more restrictive environment created; and (2) action taken, which accommodates the student’s needs, as evidenced by subsequent behavior.  All students are subject to the behavior consequences noted in this handbook if indicated on an individual student’s IEP.


    Standards of Conduct

    Every student of Cobre High School may rightfully expect that the faculty, staff and administration will maintain an environment in which there is freedom to learn and equity in access to any educational program or activity. 

    Every student shall respect and obey civil and criminal law, and shall be subject to legal penalties for violation of City, County, State and Federal Law.  Student conduct at Cobre High School must conform to school district and school based rules and regulations. 

    The purpose of the Grievance Procedures is to provide a prompt and equitable means for resolving issues that may arise.  Cobre High School does not discriminate against any student based on race, color, religion, age (Age Discrimination Act of 1975), sex, handicap, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts (Boys Scouts of America Equal Access Act) and other designated youth groups. 

    The school district promotes the principle of equal educational opportunities.    All course materials and activities are free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.  Materials can be made available upon request for individuals of limited English language skills or who are visually or hearing impaired.

    Grievance Procedures

    These procedures will be updated yearly to ensure that all information is current.  In addition, these regulations will be published each year in the student handbook and will be distributed to each student at the beginning of each school year.  As provided under these procedures, all inquiries or complaints will be in compliance with all appropriate rules and regulations as set forth by the Cobre Consolidated School Board of Education.  The purpose of the Grievance Procedures is to provide a prompt and equitable means for resolving student issues and shall be the exclusive procedures utilized in addressing such issues within Cobre High School.

    In all instances prior to the grievance procedure, all inquiries should be first addressed and discussed with the individuals involved.  If issues are not resolved or a continuance of the process needs to occur, the next step would be mediation or discussion with the school counselor.  The next step or continuance would include a discussion or meeting with the assistant principal or principal.  At that time, the student may file a written complaint or request to the Principal of Cobre High School. 

    The Principal shall review the written complaint or request to determine if the matter affects the school district’s overall compliance of Board policy and procedures.  Once a written complaint or request is reviewed by the building principal, the building principal shall make a final determination or initiate the formation of a Grievance Committee.

    Creation of A Grievance Hearing Committee

    As part of these procedures, if deemed necessary by the building principal, there shall be the creation of a Grievance Hearing Committee to hear, when appropriate, all matters under these procedures.  The Cobre High School Grievance Committee shall consist of the following members (when necessary and/or available) and each member’s participation is based upon recommendation of the building principal:

    Principal, Member, Counselor, Member, Parent Liaison, Member, Instructor, Member, Student Member and Other Members as Necessary


    Internet access is available to students and staff in our school district.  We believe the Internet offers vast, diverse and unique resources to both student and staff.  Our goal in offering this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, communication, and providing student with access to the latest educational technology opportunities available.

    Along with access to libraries, computers, and people all over the world comes the availability for material that may not be considered of educational value in a school setting. We (CCSD) firmly believe that the valuable information and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweighs the possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the district.  Precautions have been taken to restrict access to controversial materials by teaching students about responsible use and by installing software that is available to block access to inappropriate materials.

    Internet involves:

    • Electronic Mail
    • Library Access
    • Access to local area and wide area networks
    • World-wide web.


    The purpose of district internet access is to support curriculum objectives, which include core curriculum subject areas, library and information literacy skills, technology literacy skills, and community collaboration and interaction.  Student’s use of the Internet will be limited to achievement of those objectives and the educational objectives of the Cobre Consolidated School District.

    The use of the district’s Internet access is a privilege and not a right.  Inappropriate use of these privileges by students and staff will result in cancellation of those privileges.  Before being allowed Internet access, each student will review the Acceptable Use Policy, learn about proper use of the network, and become familiar with network etiquette.  Inappropriate use of the Internet may result in access privileges being denied or school disciplinary action taken.

    Internet Acceptable Use (etiquette)

    • Be polite. Do not write or send abusive messages, hate mail, harassment of any kind, discriminatory remarks, and other antisocial behaviors that are prohibited on the network and may even be illegal.
    • Use appropriate language.
    • Do not reveal personal address or phone numbers or those of other students/colleagues.
    • Electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private.
    • Do not use the network in any way that disrupts the use of the network by others.
    • All communication and information accessible via the network would be assumed to be copyrighted and as such private property.
    • In addition, the Cobre Consolidated School District specifically disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of information.
    • Do not provide any other user with your password.



    The following activities are beneficial to the educational process of my child identified below, and having the legal authority to do so, I hereby grant permission to the COBRE SCHOOLS (the District) to release information about my child in connection with the following education related activities:


    • Inclusion in the Honor Roll and publication of the student’s name as part of the Honor Roll in any print or broadcast medium for the purpose of recognizing the named student’s academic achievements (Such recognition may include publication of criteria for Honor Roll inclusion such as name and grade point average.);
    • Inclusion in other honors publicly bestowed on the student by the District, School, or school-related organization including any honor related to academic achievement, community service, or extra-curricular activity (Public recognition of the student may include dissemination of the criteria for the student’s honor including name, grade point average and like information.);
    • Public display of student artwork and other school-related material, which may bear any award, grade earned and the student’s name;
    • Group-grading exercises in which student may grade other student’s assignments: At all levels, student may participate in cooperative or group projects and receive a group grade.  (These activities promote learning and peer teaching.); and
    • Identification in written or oral recommendation of the student by an employee of the District;

    I also understand that this grant of permission shall only be revoked by written instrument delivered to the principal or counselor of the school, which the student attends.  This consent shall remain in effect, unless revoked for the 2018-2019 school year.


    Military recruiters, prospective employers, colleges, and other post-secondary institutions may request that the school provide them with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of enrolled high school students.  Parents may choose to either participate or not participate in this program.  In the event this form is not completed and returned to the school, all requests for this information will be honored.




    Student’s Name








    Parent’s/Guardian’s Name










    Telephone Number:_____________________________________________________



    The signatures indicate that both student and parent/guardian have received and reviewed the Cobre High School Student Handbook for the 2018-2019 school year, Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and the Waiver and Consent to Disclose Student Information.



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